Thoughts and review

One Warm Word


I only touched this drama for my darling Park Seo Joon. Well, I didnt really watch, I spent three hours skimming through the entire 20 eps and only watched the scenes with Park Seo Joon and Han Groo in it.Below are just some short comments I have about the drama.

Synopsis (based on what I have watched):

Min Soo (Park Seo Joon) is a guy born with lot of bad luck. He is the son of a mistress so he had an unhappy childhood. However, he always has a strong belief that no matter what life throws at him, as long as he is hardworking enough, he will be able to change fate. So, as an adult, he leaves the household and starts his own life . He may now be very poor but at least he is being true to himself. He has an older sister whom he loves very much and wants to protect. Knowing that her husband had an affair, he even tried to run over the mistress with a car (unsuccessfully ofc). As for his love life, he falls in love Eun Young (Han Groo), a colleague he meets at the bank he works at. At first they are always bickering but soon she fell in love with him and started to chase him and it didnt take long for him to return her feelings. But of course, the happiness is short lived because it turns out Eun Young is actually the younger sister of the mistress. When he realises the truth, he initiates a break up with her saying he no longer loves her. EY is confused and heartbroken at first but when she finds out the real reason, she goes to confront him. Still, MS says they cannot be together as she will remind of the horrible things he did to her sister and thus would not be able to forgive himself.  EY understands and lets him go but does not forget to remind him that he’s a good person. They both spend some time apart but both missing each other very deeply. A year later, MS has opened an udon shop and EY visits him there as customer. They tease each other playfully and it’s obvious they are ready to get back together.


1) I loved this couple’s storyline. Taking into account all the drama that was happening around them, the existence of their love story was definitely necessary if they did not want the viewers leaving the show. A show definitely cannot be all angst and drama.That’s just frustrating.

2) I love Min Soo. I love that he has so much kindness and selflessness. I didnt follow the other characters, but I think they could use some of that. He obviously led a tough life and he does complain about but he also accepts it. I think there are times he tries to fight his fate but there are also times he submits to his fate. He knows himself that he has a lot of bad luck. But he tries to change that by living by himself and even allowing himself to love. I think those times where he actually submits to his fate is not because he does not want to fight it but it’s because of his kind and protective nature. He will only resist his fate if it does not endanger the people he love, namely his sister and Eun Young. But once it starts to involve them he gives in, he sacrifices himself to his fate. Like giving up his relationship with Eun Young. And sometimes, submitting to fate seems more of a wiser choice than to keep fighting it, ie to cut his losses. At least he gets to keep the memories he’s had with Eun Young ❤

3) The special love between Min Soo and Eun Young. She likes him because he’s the first guy who’s loved her for truly who she is and to him, she’s the first person, other than his noona whom he wants to protect. Min Soo is so self-aware of his bad luck that he does not want to start a relationship because he fears that it will end badly. So for him to make an exception for her and confess to her took a lot of courage and it only means that she holds a special place in his heart.

4) I am glad there is a happy ending for this couple but after watching this drama, I have finally realised what make melodramas such a turnoff  for me is that they can convince me to believe that the couple should not be together but they cant re-convince to believe that whatever internal/external conflict that the couple went through is gone so they should be able to live happily ever after again. I always feel like the couple is intentionally ignoring that there is something very wrong with their relationship and choosing to cast everything out and just live in their own delusional bubble of happiness. Like for eg, in this case the couple broke up because of the messy relationship of their older siblings and also because Min Soo was not able to forgive himself, like whenever he sees Eun Young he is reminded of what a jerk he was and therefore he cannot be together with her. You see, after you have build such an impenetrable logic and convinced me they are not meant for each other, it’s impossible to make me believe again that the couple will ever be happy no matter how much fanservice you throw in the last ep. And in these cases the answer always seem to “Time heal all wounds.” They always do a time jump and magically we are supposed to believe that the character has overcome that self guilt or whatever internal conflict he she was feeling. For me it just doesn’t I either need 1) a weaker conflict 2) a stronger resolution.

5) Park Seo Joon. Okay I love him but I am not gonna sing praises of his acting for this drama. But it’s his earlier works so I forgive him hehehehe (Any of his works earlier than Witch’s Romance is still work in progress haha) First, his crying. Forgive me for being so detailed. But every avid drama fan knows a good actor knows how to cry. Bu nope the Park Seo joon here does not know how to cry. He just scrunches up his face and just wails. Like he needs to loosen up his body and just let the sadness flow.  Park Seo Joon, I think you need to go and learn from Park Yoo Chun sunbaenim. His crying scenes in I Miss You will really get to you. Two, there needs to be more reaction man. Like I get that his character is the cool quiet introspective man but that doesn’t mean you cant show reaction with your body! During the scenes with Han Groo, after Han Groo and said her line and I see his reaction or lack there of, the whole thing just gets so awkward and it’s kinda annoying. But no hate on PSJ tho he has improved by leaps and bounds. His performance here (One warm word) is a world of difference from his drama debut Dream High 2 hehe.

In a completely unrelated note, I love all the coats and sweaters that he wore in the drama, yay for winter fashion! 🙂