1st Post!

Hello all,

Welcome to my blog ! With this blog I will be recording my thoughts and opinions of all the dramas that I watch from now on. I may do reviews of the dramas I have watched but most likely not since it entails me having to rewatch the dramas and aint nobody got time for that! ><

Anyways, I created this blog because I realised I need a more permanent place to record and keep all my thoughts and opinions. Right now I have just been commenting randomly in forums and comment sections and it’s hard for me to track back so hence the blog.

I am currently busy now but I will be back by the end of November. By then I will have all the time in the world to pursue dramas and do ep by ep reviews so do check back! 🙂 I have not decided just yet which dramas i should watch so any recommendations?

I have updated my drama list already though so you can check that out (x). Thanks again for visiting!