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我的少女时代 Our Times


So I went to watch this today and just thought I wanna share my thoughts (spoilers present):

1) The 80s make up is horrible! It’s so unflattering for the actors. Like when I watched the movie I didnt really think they were handsome/pretty. But once I did a check when I got home and saw them in make up, with nice hair and 2015 clothes holy shit they were all smoking hot. So yea if you are watching this dont get disappointed just yet it’s just the clothes and the hair that’s hideous.

2) The guy playing the gangster is hot. His smiler is killer. The guy playing the popular guy tho, not so much. But like I said it’s all the hair and makeup. To me both look equally handsome in real life.

3) For a movie that aims to remind you of your high sch past and first loves, there was quite a lot of common drama clichés that honestly does not happen in real life, thus making the movie less relatable tho I am nor sure if that is the director’s intention? Ie to have it be dramatic and eventful yet still be relatable instead of just being relatable ?

4) The use of different actors to play the adult versions of themselves really got to me. It totally disrupted the entire flow and It felt like I was watching two seperate characters.

5) There were countless number of funny scenes in the movie.

6) Haha. 15-20 mins into the movie I realised so many fated to love you actors there was “chen xin yi”, “er jie”, “anson” and some other which I may have missed out. It was too much of a coincidence so I went to check. True enough the director for this movie also directed Fated To Love You.

7) The songs. I prefer the ost sung by hebe more than the one by popu lady. It’s more befitting of the whole atmosphere and vibe of the whole movie. Popu lady’s song was just a bit too modern for a movie that is set in the 1980s.

8) Overall, it’s a good watch, definitely a tear jerker. But as someone who has watched the apple of my eye (那些年,我们一起追的女孩), I felt a bit disappointed. I watched the tralier before watching the movie and went in expecting to come out with the same bittersweet and nostalgic feeling that I got after watching Apple of My Eye. It’s still a good movie but I guess I didnt enjoy it as much because I went in with the wrong expectations. So for those who will be watching this, don’t go in with the expectations of getting the same feelings you got from watching Apple of my eye. Both talk about first love but this is a different story all together. It’s like comparing apples and oranges both are fruits but they are a whole world of difference.

Thoughts and review

必娶女人 Marry me, or not? Ep 4

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.12.44 PM

Okay there’s not much to say about this ep, just that there were a lot of funny scenes. I mean come on, when you start the ep with that scene, you are gonna expect a lot of LOLing throughout the ep. I am glad they finally got the story going. Looking at the direction of the story in today’s ep it kinda made ep 3 pretty redundant. Well story wise anyways, I find the crux of ep 3 was more to establish that CHZ is a vain woman. I have deviated too much already… on with ep4!

I have never noticed the drama’s music till this ep… I especially like these two songs:

  1. 爱接招 by Popu Lady

This was played when they were changing into their bathrobes. AHAHA don’t think pervertly guys , this was the funny scene. The steamy scene follows right after this haha.

2) 兜圈 by Yoga Lin

This is also the ending theme song and was played during the dream sequence (ie the scene at the beginning of this mv) which was so perfect gosh.

There were so many funny scenes in this ep but my favourite is when the characters break the fourth wall and speaks to us directly. I love it when CHZ does it omg haha Her “老娘不玩了!” killed me haha

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.14.14 PM
“I am not doing this anymore!”

And how can we leave out her mum

How to get rid of the colleague that you hate, as told by CHZ’s mum  (I am sorry it’s all Chinese puns so it wont be as funny if translated into english)

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.22.33 PM
Step 1: 小雨伞 =人人闪
Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.25.37 PM
Step 2: 小桥=人人瞧
Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.26.37 PM
Step 3: 盐=人人嫌
Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.26.54 PM
Step 4: 手帕=人人怕
Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.27.17 PM
Step 5: 把施咒小人放进冰箱=冻住好运
Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.27.44 PM
Step 6: Laugh Maniacally

Now we all know that CHZ is vain and I get that she still has that logic of wanting to be perfect for her lover, which is probably why she didn’t want HM to send her to her actual home. She doesn’t hate her parents it’s just that it’s the beginning of the relationship and she doesn’t want to ruin her perfect image just yet, I mean her ex fiance has met her parents and everything so I guess it’s only a matter of time. But this doesn’t mean I still forgive her for deceiving, as you all can see nothing good can come out of lying and right now karma is already finding its way back to her. I am just putting up and accepting this attitude of her as part of the flaws that comes with being vain, which I desperately hope she will be able to get rid of after falling in love with HM.

I am not getting HM’s logic of getting CHZ to be his girlfriend. He says it’s to get his mum off his back about getting a girlfriend but his mum also clearly stated that she loathes CHZ. So, how does HM not see that getting CHZ to be his girlfriend would only bring about a bigger problems than the initial problem. Now his mum wont just be pestering him, she would be angrily threatening him to break up with CHZ. So.. how does this solve the problem exactly?



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One Warm Word


I only touched this drama for my darling Park Seo Joon. Well, I didnt really watch, I spent three hours skimming through the entire 20 eps and only watched the scenes with Park Seo Joon and Han Groo in it.Below are just some short comments I have about the drama.

Synopsis (based on what I have watched):

Min Soo (Park Seo Joon) is a guy born with lot of bad luck. He is the son of a mistress so he had an unhappy childhood. However, he always has a strong belief that no matter what life throws at him, as long as he is hardworking enough, he will be able to change fate. So, as an adult, he leaves the household and starts his own life . He may now be very poor but at least he is being true to himself. He has an older sister whom he loves very much and wants to protect. Knowing that her husband had an affair, he even tried to run over the mistress with a car (unsuccessfully ofc). As for his love life, he falls in love Eun Young (Han Groo), a colleague he meets at the bank he works at. At first they are always bickering but soon she fell in love with him and started to chase him and it didnt take long for him to return her feelings. But of course, the happiness is short lived because it turns out Eun Young is actually the younger sister of the mistress. When he realises the truth, he initiates a break up with her saying he no longer loves her. EY is confused and heartbroken at first but when she finds out the real reason, she goes to confront him. Still, MS says they cannot be together as she will remind of the horrible things he did to her sister and thus would not be able to forgive himself.  EY understands and lets him go but does not forget to remind him that he’s a good person. They both spend some time apart but both missing each other very deeply. A year later, MS has opened an udon shop and EY visits him there as customer. They tease each other playfully and it’s obvious they are ready to get back together.


1) I loved this couple’s storyline. Taking into account all the drama that was happening around them, the existence of their love story was definitely necessary if they did not want the viewers leaving the show. A show definitely cannot be all angst and drama.That’s just frustrating.

2) I love Min Soo. I love that he has so much kindness and selflessness. I didnt follow the other characters, but I think they could use some of that. He obviously led a tough life and he does complain about but he also accepts it. I think there are times he tries to fight his fate but there are also times he submits to his fate. He knows himself that he has a lot of bad luck. But he tries to change that by living by himself and even allowing himself to love. I think those times where he actually submits to his fate is not because he does not want to fight it but it’s because of his kind and protective nature. He will only resist his fate if it does not endanger the people he love, namely his sister and Eun Young. But once it starts to involve them he gives in, he sacrifices himself to his fate. Like giving up his relationship with Eun Young. And sometimes, submitting to fate seems more of a wiser choice than to keep fighting it, ie to cut his losses. At least he gets to keep the memories he’s had with Eun Young ❤

3) The special love between Min Soo and Eun Young. She likes him because he’s the first guy who’s loved her for truly who she is and to him, she’s the first person, other than his noona whom he wants to protect. Min Soo is so self-aware of his bad luck that he does not want to start a relationship because he fears that it will end badly. So for him to make an exception for her and confess to her took a lot of courage and it only means that she holds a special place in his heart.

4) I am glad there is a happy ending for this couple but after watching this drama, I have finally realised what make melodramas such a turnoff  for me is that they can convince me to believe that the couple should not be together but they cant re-convince to believe that whatever internal/external conflict that the couple went through is gone so they should be able to live happily ever after again. I always feel like the couple is intentionally ignoring that there is something very wrong with their relationship and choosing to cast everything out and just live in their own delusional bubble of happiness. Like for eg, in this case the couple broke up because of the messy relationship of their older siblings and also because Min Soo was not able to forgive himself, like whenever he sees Eun Young he is reminded of what a jerk he was and therefore he cannot be together with her. You see, after you have build such an impenetrable logic and convinced me they are not meant for each other, it’s impossible to make me believe again that the couple will ever be happy no matter how much fanservice you throw in the last ep. And in these cases the answer always seem to “Time heal all wounds.” They always do a time jump and magically we are supposed to believe that the character has overcome that self guilt or whatever internal conflict he she was feeling. For me it just doesn’t I either need 1) a weaker conflict 2) a stronger resolution.

5) Park Seo Joon. Okay I love him but I am not gonna sing praises of his acting for this drama. But it’s his earlier works so I forgive him hehehehe (Any of his works earlier than Witch’s Romance is still work in progress haha) First, his crying. Forgive me for being so detailed. But every avid drama fan knows a good actor knows how to cry. Bu nope the Park Seo joon here does not know how to cry. He just scrunches up his face and just wails. Like he needs to loosen up his body and just let the sadness flow.  Park Seo Joon, I think you need to go and learn from Park Yoo Chun sunbaenim. His crying scenes in I Miss You will really get to you. Two, there needs to be more reaction man. Like I get that his character is the cool quiet introspective man but that doesn’t mean you cant show reaction with your body! During the scenes with Han Groo, after Han Groo and said her line and I see his reaction or lack there of, the whole thing just gets so awkward and it’s kinda annoying. But no hate on PSJ tho he has improved by leaps and bounds. His performance here (One warm word) is a world of difference from his drama debut Dream High 2 hehe.

In a completely unrelated note, I love all the coats and sweaters that he wore in the drama, yay for winter fashion! 🙂


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他来了请闭眼 Love Me, If You Dare Ep 10-12

( I am gonna stop putting the headings with the case names coz I realised this show is more romance than the crime or at least for these few eps but if you must know the case for these three eps is The Case of The Crazy Stalker Girl)

Let me first start off by saying that it was my bad for comparing this with sherlock. This is nothing like Sherlock! Sherlock is 99% crime and 1% romance. This is more 70%romance and 30% crime and I absolutely love it! Esp since the two leads have off the charts sizzling chemistry. They are now on the top of my list of couples with the most on screen chemistry. Wouldn’t even be surprised if news broke out that they are dating hehe.

And I wanna take back my comment on the lack of humor in this show. I think it was just the first 4 eps that were pretty tense because they were trying to build BJY as this menacing character. But eventually that storyline simply disappeared as JY appeared and made him a warmer person 🙂

The case is pretty short, considering it only took 3 eps when the other two took 5 eps. More importantly, this is case is JY’s first case as BJY’s assistant so it’s pretty light and even takes place at the university she graduated from. I wont be talking about the case but the romance is more interesting hehe. But I like the fact that they allowed the viewers to partake in the guessing of the killer. Most detective shows often withdraws key info till the end so viewers have no way of guessing. Also I like the detailed analysis of how they came to suspect the killer haha this show is both informative and entertaining!

Yes! JY finally agreed and I am glad her trigger for agreeing was FZY and her Uni friend. First, FZY, i am so glad he’s getting more depth ~ I absolutely love love love the convo between him and JY. I so wanted to screenshot the entire thing but managed to decide on my favourite parts from the convo: FZY

BJY is so lucky to have such a guy as his friend. FZY can obviously tell that JY means something more to BJY so of course he would step in to make JY stay since he knows that BJY would probably fail with his icy words. FZY said the right things to the right person at the right time. He said all these after he confirmed that JY likes BJY so telling her to be more patient is the right thing to say because he gets BJY and is thus in the best position to say such words.


Also, there is the Uni friend. I am gonna assume her and JY are really close coz the show really didn’t establish that well. I love how she didn’t encourage JY to take the job because to follow her passion of solving crimes (she did but only a bit) but more importantly she encouraged her to take up the job because she saw that JY really likes BJY. So with both FZY and the Uni friend as the trigger, I am glad JY not only took up the job because she was following her passion of solving crimes . In fact, if you only consider only her passion, she had agreed long ago. She said so herself. So really, what was stopping her is the ambiguous relationship that she shares with BJY so, the talk with FZY and her Uni friend were encouragement for her to go ahead. FZY encouraged her by telling her it’s not end because BJY is different so whatever he does cannot be interpreted normally. Her friend on the other hand, assures her that whatever her feelings for BJY is so much different from any of her past flings and thus encouraging her to not just let this slip by. So really, JY agreeing officially to be an assistant is really just admitting her feelings and agreeing to take the relationship to the next level.

BJY you adorable little puppy! Took you long enough to find out you love JY! I love how the show kinda pokes fun at his innocence. Like there were a lot of instances when he says something super flirty unintentionally and the whole atmosphere just turns awkward.

I think I could go on and on about how the two of them are so cute together but really I would just be writing down the whole show. If I must must choose one moment, it’s when  BJY keeps coming down to JY’s house for dinner. It’s these little things that show how much you love and need a person. Esp since we all know how BJY complained about her horrible cooking and yet he keeps coming down to eat her food. It just shows how much he has come to depend on her and how she has become indespensible in his life. And she too has become accustomed to his presence, she knows his love for fish and will always use some fish dish to get some answers out of him (or to get him to stop eating the candy). The first time they shared a meal, they sat at opposite ends of the table, now, she sits closer to him and always expecting him for dinner, will remember to prepare his portion. Urgh these two can they just get married already!

The moment he realises his feelings

This moment was so precious omg. Gosh his eyes urgh you love smitten puppy. I love how this was toned down. Like it wasn’t some big reaction like omg omg I love Jian Yao Omg I love Jian Yao what do I do? panic panic. Haha Maybe this is the perks of having high IQ, esp since he studied behavioural psychology. It took him a while to recognise what he was feeling but once he did he did not deny it and went about it logically by preparing to confess to her. I cant really pinpoint what made him realise his feelings tho, maybe it happened when he realised that he cannot stand seeing JY getting hurt? Or maybe it was an accumulation, like he has been having all these feelings all along and that day was the day when it piled up enough to allow him to realise his heart? haha but really, I don’t think there will be a concrete answer because the show does not really show. Actually, I think it was more of a narrative decision by the scriptwriters because the couple definitely needs to get together first if “Moriaty” were to be able to inflict maximum damage on BJY (ie by endangering  JY).

Lastly, I think it’s pretty unwise of BJY to hide the truth about his stalker from JY (duh). Coz by dragging her down to be his assistant, he is already making her the target and he cant possibly have his eyes on her 24/7. So, I feel JY has the right to know about the stalker so at least if she does get captured or something she can leave some kind of clue for him to trace her.

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他来了请闭眼 Love Me, If You Dare Ep 5-9

The Murder of Wang Wan Wei

Okay, the case actually only starts on Ep 6. Ep 5 was more of a break as JY and BJY moves to Jiangzhou. Actually, the case was only about 2/3 of the whole 4 eps. The time was split between JY trying to reject BJY, the romantic developments and all the hinting at the threat of “Moriaty”. The case was pretty simple actually and it’s not about crazy serial killers or any of that sort. I think BJY just took the case coz he wanted to be near JY haha.

Rawr. I was a bit annoyed with JY throughout. Like I get that she does not want to be the assistant coz it’s what killed her father and some other family members but she is not really resisting either? Like her only outburst was that time in the office with BJY after BJY was introduced as the new director. Then after that she did not only resist but also took the initiative to investigate and stuff. I guess it shows that deep down she’s really passionate about solving crimes. But what I would have liked to see is for her to resist first like when she is uncontrollably  thinking about the crime she would catch herself then chide herself to stop. Or like restrict BJY from keep coming over to her house. But no she did not do anything like that and that kinda bothered me. I guess it’s coz the relationship is not clear. I mean I know that eventually she would take up the job of the assistant. But now, she’s making things confusing by doing the things the assistant would do without having agreed to or even rejecting the job of an assistant.

THE.ROMANTIC.TENSION.BETWEEN.THE.TWO.IS.TOO.MUCH. Omg I swear every single time I see BJY and JY in the scene, I wish they would just grab each other and have a hot make out session. Urgh the struggle is real I can’t wait till they become a couple! And I don’t think there will be an ex after all coz the kiss in ep 9 seems to be the first for both of them. haha which means they two of them are gonna be so cute tgt as a couple gosh I love it already ~

“Why do you insist on keeping Jian Yao as your assistant?”

“We worked well together on the previous case … I like her.”

“Yeah .. I can tell.”

I think BJY is just naturally drawn to JY. JY is not exceptionally smart. Like even for this case she needed a lot of  handholding before she got anywhere and even so she came to the wrong conclusion. And also she is not able to provide any expertise like FZY. So to him, she’s definitely more of a liability than an advantage. The fact that he cannot give concrete reasons as to why he wants her as an assistant is just another prove of that. As for JY, I like the fact that she likes BJY because sees the kindness underneath. It shows that she really understands him and BJY needs that kind of love in his life. Poor XUN RAN tho, the fate of the second lead haha it was so sad see BJY taking over the job of protecting JY TWICE when, in the very beginning,the first ep, it was BJY that they were wary of.

I don’t get the deal with BJY though. He knows very well that he is dealing with dangerous criminals so why is he so insistent on dragging JY along with him esp since he knows about her tragic background?  Generally, in many such crime dramas, the genius detective would always try to reject his feelings and push away the female lead because he knows he will put her in danger. So it’s always safety over love. I mean I am sure BJY would have considered such concerns already (right?) , so, I don’t get why he is allowing her to risk her life in such a manner? Hmmm…but whatever the case, deep down, I am glad the character of BJY is one who is cold but also not totally shut off from emotions and relationships so in this way, as viewers, we get to enjoy both the romance and the thrill of the crimes 🙂



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他来了请闭眼 Love Me, If You Dare Ep 1-4

The Case of The Killing Machine

This is my first mainland drama so I didnt know what to expect. I just tuned into this because I heard that it was similar to sherlock so I thought that was interesting. Hehe it’s pretty good ~ I watched 4 eps straight coz I wanted to know the killer.

I love how they made “Sherlock” aka Bo Jin Yan (BJY) an adorable little puppy. Like he’s a genius but he also has little quirks like his obsession with fish makes him likeable whereas in the BBC’s sherlock, which I watch, Sherlock does not have any of such childlike features so I thought that was a nice touch.

“Why did you choose me as your assistant?”

“Because I dont know anyone else in the

city…. and also because you can fish.”

JIAN YAO (JY) is pretty plain to be honest I mean I like the fact that they are trying to show that she and only she should be the assistant because she’s observant and is able to be BJY’s emotional guide but I still think she is lacking. Like right now all she is doing is whatever BJY is asking her to do I dont think I will ever come to like her character until she starts contributing more. But I think that will just be a matter of time since we do see her becoming braver.

Can we have more of FU ZI YU pls ??? I really love his character. I am so sad they are turning him into this one dimensional character. He only turns up when BJY needs him to build smth or get some info (or restock his fish inventory) ie he’s the tech sidekick. I really thought there would be more of a storyline from him but I think he will just serve to provide background info for JY esp when the ex storyline comes in. Tis is sad.

And ANDY ( the car ) is so cute hhaha. I was not expecting such a thing to pop up in a drama esp since this is not sci fi or anything but it’s so cuteee. hehe. Cute moment 1: when he complimented JY the first time he met her ~ (lol When the car knows how to treat a lady better than its owner , Andy 1, BJY 0) Cute moment 2 : when he plays music at the right time (the american show theme song) and also at the wrong time (sherlock theme)  Cute moment 3: When he comforted JY Cute/Creepy moment 4: When he was following BJY as he was looking around the investigation site. I actually thought it was the criminal driving and trying to run him off so it gave me the shivers initially but when it turns out it was just Andy it became a cute scene hehe. And wouldn’t it be the cutest thing ever like if and when JY and BJY becomes a couple he gives her the control of the car by allowing ANDY to also recognise her voice and then when they are having a lovers’ quarrel , Andy wouldn’t know who to take orders from

Sometimes I feel that atmosphere in this show is so heavy , there is no break. Everyone is so tense and speaks so seriously and slowly all the time. This is probably the reason why it’s so hard to catch some of the jokes that the show throws in our way. For the first few times I realised the joke late and caught myself belatedly laughing. But in my defence the humour on this show lasts only for like one sentence then it’s back to serious mode. Hmm but I guess there is also a beauty in such a way of storytelling.

Overall, it’s a good show. But if I were to comment on the intensity of the crimes, because I also follow BBC Sherlock and since this is obviously a spinoff, I have to compare the two shows. I feel BBC’s is more exciting, the built up is more suspenseful and there is much more twists and surprises. Nonetheless, it’s still a good watch, I cant wait till “Moriaty” appears!


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必娶女人 Marry me, or not? Ep 3

It’s getting harder and harder for me to root for CHZ At the beginning of the ep when she said all that thing about what love is to her and stuff , in my head I was going, “okay all those sound like excuses to me but okay we shall see. ” Because I guess what bugged me was the face that she lied to her husband (saying she only has 2 ex when she probably has like 20, haha actually she didnt really say she had 2 it’s the guy who assumed it was 2 but anywaysss it still her fault coz she didnt correct him) and also how inconsiderate she was towards her husband (the taking over of the apartment with all the girly stuff) I mean no matter what your beliefs in love is shouldnt the basis of being together is to not lie and to compromise. I dont know man if you cant even do that I dont think you really love the other person. Then later on in the ep she justified her lying by saying that she only lied coz she didnt want to complicate the relationship, she wanted to be perfect for her husband. This was a nice development, after hearing her reason, it made me want to support her coz I really thought that she really loved her fiance it’s just that being the prideful women that she is she does not know HOW to love. Being the self-centered, prideful, domineering character that she of course would want to be the one making the decisions in the relationship and also her pride does not allow her to show any speck of imperfection. So, by this point, I am sympathising with her and was hoping she would learn the errors of her way in the eventual relationship with HM. AND THEN SHOW JUST SWERVED TO A WHOLE NEW DIRECTION. When they revealed her side of the “one night stand” , I just lost it, all my faith in this woman just gone GONE. So, it turns out she does not even love the guy like what??? she freaking got engaged and everything and she got over the guy after just one taxi ride like whattt woman. It’s making me really hate her coz now I feel that whatever she said at the wedding was just to save her face and that she does not really love her fiance. She’s just too proud to be able to love anyone. Both in the relationship and after the relationship, her thought of always putting herself first has prevented her from learning to love anyone. (in the r/n -> overtaking the apartment to show her dominance and lying to hide her imperfections, after the r/n -> although the calling off of wedding meant two things, one, the end of her r/n two, the successful sabotaging by her friend, HZ chose to focus on the sabotaging because this is what made her lose face)

HAHA ok despite my hate for her I realised after writing so much that her character is consistent after all (at first I thought she wasnt >< ) CHZ is just annoyingly proud. HAHA now I waanna continue watching the drama to see if she will be able to get over her pride :)

I really like the editing/script tho haha maybe coz I have watched too much dramas but at some scenes you can obviously tell that things are not what they seem and get a hint that there will be a surprising twist later. I noticed two such scenes. One is when the fiance was asking HZ how many ex she had and she didnt say anything but just held up two fingers. The fiance assumed it was two and I was expecting her to reply with a shake of the head saying, “20” but she didnt. But I was not wrong either coz it did turns out she had more than two exes haha. The second one is the hypnosis scene. When HM was doing the double role thing where he was acting as both HZ and himself. There was no name mentioned and I just knew something was up I was expecting a name to come up at the end of that scene but it didnt. But in the end my guess was correct coz it was indeed a role reversal.  Kudos to the scriptwriter for such subtle mini twists hehe love it !

OH yea, forgot to mention the first love thing. I felt that it was so out of the blue and unnecessary and jarring and conflicting and not suitable. I could go on. Like this show is obviously not about first loves so why bother adding it in URGH angry. :angry: and if she is the first love why would HM still be treating her so indifferently. When he is the one who keeps harping about the “the first heatbeat” so I just hope it’s coz he doesnt know that it’s her yet if not his treatment towards her is not how he should be treating her since he has always been wanting to meet his “first love”.