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必娶女人 Marry me, or not? Ep 4

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Okay there’s not much to say about this ep, just that there were a lot of funny scenes. I mean come on, when you start the ep with that scene, you are gonna expect a lot of LOLing throughout the ep. I am glad they finally got the story going. Looking at the direction of the story in today’s ep it kinda made ep 3 pretty redundant. Well story wise anyways, I find the crux of ep 3 was more to establish that CHZ is a vain woman. I have deviated too much already… on with ep4!

I have never noticed the drama’s music till this ep… I especially like these two songs:

  1. 爱接招 by Popu Lady

This was played when they were changing into their bathrobes. AHAHA don’t think pervertly guys , this was the funny scene. The steamy scene follows right after this haha.

2) 兜圈 by Yoga Lin

This is also the ending theme song and was played during the dream sequence (ie the scene at the beginning of this mv) which was so perfect gosh.

There were so many funny scenes in this ep but my favourite is when the characters break the fourth wall and speaks to us directly. I love it when CHZ does it omg haha Her “老娘不玩了!” killed me haha

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“I am not doing this anymore!”

And how can we leave out her mum

How to get rid of the colleague that you hate, as told by CHZ’s mum  (I am sorry it’s all Chinese puns so it wont be as funny if translated into english)

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.22.33 PM
Step 1: 小雨伞 =人人闪
Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.25.37 PM
Step 2: 小桥=人人瞧
Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.26.37 PM
Step 3: 盐=人人嫌
Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.26.54 PM
Step 4: 手帕=人人怕
Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.27.17 PM
Step 5: 把施咒小人放进冰箱=冻住好运
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Step 6: Laugh Maniacally

Now we all know that CHZ is vain and I get that she still has that logic of wanting to be perfect for her lover, which is probably why she didn’t want HM to send her to her actual home. She doesn’t hate her parents it’s just that it’s the beginning of the relationship and she doesn’t want to ruin her perfect image just yet, I mean her ex fiance has met her parents and everything so I guess it’s only a matter of time. But this doesn’t mean I still forgive her for deceiving, as you all can see nothing good can come out of lying and right now karma is already finding its way back to her. I am just putting up and accepting this attitude of her as part of the flaws that comes with being vain, which I desperately hope she will be able to get rid of after falling in love with HM.

I am not getting HM’s logic of getting CHZ to be his girlfriend. He says it’s to get his mum off his back about getting a girlfriend but his mum also clearly stated that she loathes CHZ. So, how does HM not see that getting CHZ to be his girlfriend would only bring about a bigger problems than the initial problem. Now his mum wont just be pestering him, she would be angrily threatening him to break up with CHZ. So.. how does this solve the problem exactly?



Thoughts and review

必娶女人 Marry me, or not? Ep 3

It’s getting harder and harder for me to root for CHZ At the beginning of the ep when she said all that thing about what love is to her and stuff , in my head I was going, “okay all those sound like excuses to me but okay we shall see. ” Because I guess what bugged me was the face that she lied to her husband (saying she only has 2 ex when she probably has like 20, haha actually she didnt really say she had 2 it’s the guy who assumed it was 2 but anywaysss it still her fault coz she didnt correct him) and also how inconsiderate she was towards her husband (the taking over of the apartment with all the girly stuff) I mean no matter what your beliefs in love is shouldnt the basis of being together is to not lie and to compromise. I dont know man if you cant even do that I dont think you really love the other person. Then later on in the ep she justified her lying by saying that she only lied coz she didnt want to complicate the relationship, she wanted to be perfect for her husband. This was a nice development, after hearing her reason, it made me want to support her coz I really thought that she really loved her fiance it’s just that being the prideful women that she is she does not know HOW to love. Being the self-centered, prideful, domineering character that she of course would want to be the one making the decisions in the relationship and also her pride does not allow her to show any speck of imperfection. So, by this point, I am sympathising with her and was hoping she would learn the errors of her way in the eventual relationship with HM. AND THEN SHOW JUST SWERVED TO A WHOLE NEW DIRECTION. When they revealed her side of the “one night stand” , I just lost it, all my faith in this woman just gone GONE. So, it turns out she does not even love the guy like what??? she freaking got engaged and everything and she got over the guy after just one taxi ride like whattt woman. It’s making me really hate her coz now I feel that whatever she said at the wedding was just to save her face and that she does not really love her fiance. She’s just too proud to be able to love anyone. Both in the relationship and after the relationship, her thought of always putting herself first has prevented her from learning to love anyone. (in the r/n -> overtaking the apartment to show her dominance and lying to hide her imperfections, after the r/n -> although the calling off of wedding meant two things, one, the end of her r/n two, the successful sabotaging by her friend, HZ chose to focus on the sabotaging because this is what made her lose face)

HAHA ok despite my hate for her I realised after writing so much that her character is consistent after all (at first I thought she wasnt >< ) CHZ is just annoyingly proud. HAHA now I waanna continue watching the drama to see if she will be able to get over her pride :)

I really like the editing/script tho haha maybe coz I have watched too much dramas but at some scenes you can obviously tell that things are not what they seem and get a hint that there will be a surprising twist later. I noticed two such scenes. One is when the fiance was asking HZ how many ex she had and she didnt say anything but just held up two fingers. The fiance assumed it was two and I was expecting her to reply with a shake of the head saying, “20” but she didnt. But I was not wrong either coz it did turns out she had more than two exes haha. The second one is the hypnosis scene. When HM was doing the double role thing where he was acting as both HZ and himself. There was no name mentioned and I just knew something was up I was expecting a name to come up at the end of that scene but it didnt. But in the end my guess was correct coz it was indeed a role reversal.  Kudos to the scriptwriter for such subtle mini twists hehe love it !

OH yea, forgot to mention the first love thing. I felt that it was so out of the blue and unnecessary and jarring and conflicting and not suitable. I could go on. Like this show is obviously not about first loves so why bother adding it in URGH angry. :angry: and if she is the first love why would HM still be treating her so indifferently. When he is the one who keeps harping about the “the first heatbeat” so I just hope it’s coz he doesnt know that it’s her yet if not his treatment towards her is not how he should be treating her since he has always been wanting to meet his “first love”.