Thoughts and review

From Five to Nine Ep 1-7


So I have been wanting to watch this drama since a long time ago but never got to watch it because the subs take forever. But now that the subs are out I marathoned it in one seating ><

The good:

  1. This drama is hilarious. I especially love those scenes where usually the family members/ Takane rattle on and Junko has to keep denying whatever they are saying.
  2.  I love all the mini love storylines. The show started off hinting at a 5 way love triangle( maybe even a 6 way if you include yuki chan)  but I am glad that was all that was, just a hint and I am glad each of them now has their own mini storyline even for yuki chan.
  3. My jaw literally dropped when they revealed that yuki was a male. I was totally not expecting a cross dresser. The show kept hinting that she (he?) is a gay.
  4. The premise of ELA is a nice touch. Initially I questioned the choice of Junko’s career. I mean, why make her and by extension, half the characters english teachers and make us listen to their half baked english which if not for the drama’s other strong points is enough to make me drop this drama. But after a while I realised the importance of her choice of career. As an english teacher, the only way for Junko to advance is to move to NY, which she has been earnestly saving up for and working towards. They prevents a real conflict for the couple as putting such a long distance between them would prevent any further development. And this provided the central conflict for the first 3 to 4 eps, which was imo, very well done.

The bad

  1. Yuki Furukawa. He looks way too young to be playing an office worker. Maybe this is an side effect from itzunara kiss but whatever the case, he is just not a suitable actor for the role. And to make matters worse, when his character kissed Junko, the whole time I was imagining a high schooler kissing Junko and the whole thing just felt wrong. It’s a good thing he got dropped from the battle (for Junko) not long after that but still to have witnessed that was enough damage done.
  2. Some parts of the story was not explained well. Like for example, when Junko and her colleagues stayed over at the temple, they were trying to hide Junko from Tanake’s grandmother. But when Tanake’s grandmother eventually did see Junko there was no reaction? So why were they hiding her exactly? This is just one of the few instances (cant rmb the rest). It’s pretty minor actually and doesnt really affect the story overall but it did bother me at that point of time.

Overall, this is drama is really good. I am really enjoying Satomi Ishihara’s performance. She’s a very good comedic actress and plus she looks really pretty, I love her make up haha. Other than that the story is really good too, I only tuned in to watch this coz of the premise: a monk falling in love. And true to that the show did not disappoint. I love seeing all the hilariousness that occurs due to Takane’s ignorance but also cant help marvel at his endless talents and kind heart.