Thoughts and review

The Many Sides of OH RI ON

In KILL ME HEAL ME, the main character, Cha Do Hyun suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder(DID) and has 6 other different personalities which protects him in times of distress. However, in this drama that portrays the agony and frustrations of a DID patient and the trauma that he goes through, Cha Do Hyun is not the only character with many sides. The beloved Oh Ri On is also more than meets the eye! He too, like Cha Do hyun, also hides behind many personalities to mask the pain that he suffers.

1.The goofball

I think this could have been Oh ri on’s true self, except only in an alternate universe where he isn’t born into such a position and subjected to such feelings. If Oh ri on has been born into a normal family with a biological sister and the perfect family and if Sung Jin Group did not exist then his goofball, happy-go-lucky, cheerful character would have been his true character. But right now, in this drama, in this universe, it is not. In this world, his goofball character is only a faccade. He knows the importance of not breaking the balance and thus his goofball faccade is to assure everyone else that in that insane world of theirs at least he’s normal and that he is there as a support of pillar.


Omega is the true self of Ri On. Through Omega, he loves, he thinks. Once Ri On assumes the identity of Omega, he becomes blantly honest. He investigates the truth of Ri Jin’s background under Omega and he openly protects Ri jin when he’s omega. Also, the opinions that he gives from a writer point of view are always sensitive and spot on. This is exactly who Ri On is. He is able see things for more than what they are and he knows how people’s hearts work.

However, Omega maybe his true self but it’s not who Ri On wishes to be. His only mission in life is to protect Ri Jin. And since he his unable to fully do so as Ri On the goofball, Omega just became more and more part of him till it ultimately came to define him.

3.The perfect brother and son

This is the person that Ri On is forced to become. However,it’s not just to Ri Jin that he has responsibility towards but more importantly, it had a heavier responsibility towards his parents. As such, just like his goofball appearance, this was crafted to assure those around him.

But, under this is a thick layer of melonchony. The melonchony that he gained from not being able to satisfy his own love. With the introduction of Cha Do Hyun, Ri On has completely given up on ever becoming lovers with Ri Jin. But this does not mean he no longer loves her anymore. This only means that his love will always be buried and from that moment on, he will indefinitely carry with him this melonchony as he silently protects Ri Jin as her “brother”.

4.Oh Hwi

This is an extention of his goofy character. In this KMHM world , I dont think he will ever stop loving Ri Jin enough to go for other girls. But in a alternative universe, yup I can definitely picture Oh Hwi frequenting clubs and bars, surrounded by many many pretty ladies every night hehe.


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