Thoughts and review

我的少女时代 Our Times


So I went to watch this today and just thought I wanna share my thoughts (spoilers present):

1) The 80s make up is horrible! It’s so unflattering for the actors. Like when I watched the movie I didnt really think they were handsome/pretty. But once I did a check when I got home and saw them in make up, with nice hair and 2015 clothes holy shit they were all smoking hot. So yea if you are watching this dont get disappointed just yet it’s just the clothes and the hair that’s hideous.

2) The guy playing the gangster is hot. His smiler is killer. The guy playing the popular guy tho, not so much. But like I said it’s all the hair and makeup. To me both look equally handsome in real life.

3) For a movie that aims to remind you of your high sch past and first loves, there was quite a lot of common drama clichés that honestly does not happen in real life, thus making the movie less relatable tho I am nor sure if that is the director’s intention? Ie to have it be dramatic and eventful yet still be relatable instead of just being relatable ?

4) The use of different actors to play the adult versions of themselves really got to me. It totally disrupted the entire flow and It felt like I was watching two seperate characters.

5) There were countless number of funny scenes in the movie.

6) Haha. 15-20 mins into the movie I realised so many fated to love you actors there was “chen xin yi”, “er jie”, “anson” and some other which I may have missed out. It was too much of a coincidence so I went to check. True enough the director for this movie also directed Fated To Love You.

7) The songs. I prefer the ost sung by hebe more than the one by popu lady. It’s more befitting of the whole atmosphere and vibe of the whole movie. Popu lady’s song was just a bit too modern for a movie that is set in the 1980s.

8) Overall, it’s a good watch, definitely a tear jerker. But as someone who has watched the apple of my eye (那些年,我们一起追的女孩), I felt a bit disappointed. I watched the tralier before watching the movie and went in expecting to come out with the same bittersweet and nostalgic feeling that I got after watching Apple of My Eye. It’s still a good movie but I guess I didnt enjoy it as much because I went in with the wrong expectations. So for those who will be watching this, don’t go in with the expectations of getting the same feelings you got from watching Apple of my eye. Both talk about first love but this is a different story all together. It’s like comparing apples and oranges both are fruits but they are a whole world of difference.